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Numerous Great Work Opportunities

There are tons of top-paid gigs and opportunities for our models, influencers & celebrities, as well as for people aspiring to be famous:

Main acting and other roles in Hollywood, Netflix, Amazon Studios movies and series, as well as other renowned film studios.

Tons of top-level gigs, from modeling jobs and live performances, to social media and other online jobs from home.

Various commercials for all categories of products and services, famous brands, as well as up-and-coming brands.

Who We Are & What We Do

Since 2009, Bitcoin Casting has served as the #1 resource for actors, singers, models and influencers, as well as up-and-coming YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and TikTok stars, but also for people who want to become celebrities and performers who want to find high-quality roles to match their interests and career goals.

With us, there are unlimited job opportunities and more performance roles than any other casting service. Getting paid has never been easier – all payments are secured with the full privacy, protection and encryption that come along with the use of Bitcoin and its Blockchain technology.

Bitcoin Casting provides top-paid jobs for performers in all areas, including actors, singers, models, as well as YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok stars and influencers, but also for any other person that can do the job.

Promoting on Social Media

Promotions, marketing gigs and castings heavily rely on social media like Instagram, YouTube or Twitter. Numerous of our requests want:

Promotions requiring a beginner (up to 1,000 followers), medium (1,000-100,000 followers), major (100,000-1,000,000 followers), or a top Instagram account (1,000,000+ followers).

Promotions requiring a beginner (up to 1,000 subscribers), medium (1,000-100,000 subscribers), major (100,000-1,000,000 subscribers), or a top YouTube channel (1,000,000+ subscribers).

Promotions requiring a beginner (up to 1,000 followers), medium (1,000-100,000 followers), major (100,000-1,000,000 followers), or a top Twitter account (1,000,000+ followers).

Bitcoin Casting Clients Are Looking for:

Singers, actors, models and various artists, as well as regular people who are able to perform, take part in castings and promote from home.

Singers, actors, models and various artists, as well as regular people who are able to perform, take part in castings and promote from specific locations.

Bitcoin Casting's main, top-paid work opportunities are not only accessible from your home, but also from:

Los Angeles, California

New York City, New York

Miami, Florida

Atlanta, Georgia

Dallas, Texas

London, United Kingdom

Miami, Florida

Paris, France

Geneva, Switzerland

Vienna, Austria

Milan, Italy

Moscow, Russia

Toronto, Canada

Stockholm, Sweden

Tokyo, Japan

Who We Are & What We Do

All registered performers get paid for their job and travel expenses, including, but not limited to hotels, house or flat rent, meals, private airplanes, limo services, regular flights, taxi, and so on. For most productions, Bitcoin Casting handles both background casting and payroll and covers related expenses.

Bitcoin Casting accepts Bitcoin and also pays with Bitcoin. However, if you want to get paid in cash just let us know, send us your payment details and we’ll pay you in US Dollars!

Register to access top films and movies auditions for Hollywood, Netflix, TV, Disney, Amazon Studios, as well as auditions for commercials and home auditions. Access a wide range of modelling, singing, voice-over, acting gigs with many remote opportunities.

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We have many jobs, projects that we know of well in advance, giving you the chance to plan, prepare and secure great, long term income.

Watch out for rush calls! They're for immediate same-day or next day work. When you respond to a rush call, you may be required to get on set as soon as possible. So, by providing your phone number during registration, you increase your chances of being selected for top paid jobs.

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